Designed and accompanied installations of more than 800 Solar systems in Israel

This Video shows some of the process of designing a photovoltaic system

  • In the first seconds You can view the comparison between the 3D model and an actual measurement. the difference we found using D-GPS Trimble rover is less than 1cm
  • Stone placements - each stone is 50X25X25cm and weighs about 75Kg to hold the system in any condition. the precision of put stones will effect the whole systems placement
  • The Aluminium skeleton is then installed and set into the stones
  • verifying that the actual shadow in site is as the simulation suggested
  • last stage - verifying with placed solar panels the shade movement
  • comparing the site's actual yield to the 3D simulation

When designing a solar system, it is impossible to manually measure the rooftop with the precision required to produce a production value 3D model of the building. I have used a Trimble Rover for my designs. the process of measuring the roof and producing a complete model for the client has been reduced from almost 5 days into about 40 minutes. Here's a video that shows the simplicity of the rover's output data into CAD (in this case, Revit Architecture 2009)

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