Digital productions

Efficiency solutions, simple & lean processes, tailor made solutions and services, project management, flexibility and expertise commitment, uncompromising quality assurance and non-disclosure of client details.

Front end development

Various development platforms for animations and integrations that flow smoothly from a photoshop prototype to a living web application. from landing pages, through responsive mobile applications and internet portals.

System integration

Target focused open source solutions in the business intelligence area. CRMs, newsletters, monitoring utilities and efficiency tools.

Services and solutions

Additional editing, translations and research for technical and scientific oriented publishing, E-learning integrator and a Google Apps designer. Mission dedicated protocol and security balanced design for BacNet / ModBus / P2P / Tcom applications.

Hello and welcome to my site.

Since I was 10 years old, I've been disassembling and assembling almost everything mechanical and electronic I got my hands on.

as a kid when I got my first computer, one of the first things I've done is read all the manuals, take it apart and reassemble it for peak condition. took a toy RF electric car, added batteries, changed the output power and added a skateboard so I built my first low-tech "hoverboard" when I was 12. Having an electronic engineer as a Father really helps out sometimes.Dr. Mom nursed me back to health whenever I've overdone it...

Since then I've grown a bit, now I'm a father to two magnificant children and still, almost every day I build some kind of machines, 3D printers, Home automation loggers and robots and the sky is no limit.

This website is all built on a machine I've designed from scratch on linux. My little supercompuer at home I built myself from parts that I found compatible and it renders very smooth.

Resume and CVs:

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This Resume and CVs and Projects database is a work in progress. I'm doing my best to update this site with my projects, my Resume and documentation (some depend on client approval).

I'll be updating this site on a weekly basis

If You like me to notify You about this site updates You are more than invited to be added to my mailing list. please notify me through: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank You, Zohar.

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