Zohar Karabelnik

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Resume / Curriculum Vitae outlines


B.A. Interactive Design,
Holon Institute of Technology, 2008

Certified Sedona Developer,
EasyIO Gemert Netherlands, 2013

2018 Independent Freelance

After 17 years in various positions, I’ve opened my own business that delivers:

2016-2017 Manager, Greentops Energy

Special application dep. for monitoring, building automation and energy efiiciency

  • Development, design and specs for various company product lines
  • Public tenders and client relation management
  • Team briefing and collaborations
  • short and long term strategy

2011-2017 Design and Planning, Greentops Solar

  • Designed over 800 solar systems for homes, businesses and municipality buildings
  • Accompanying the project from potential client design, through system planning and 5 years after installation yield analysis
  • Prototype automation and organizational efficiency integration, including developing specific applications for Greentops and it’s clients
  • Integration of various open-source solutions, mainly for project managing, GIS, D-GPS mapping and solar yield analysis

2010-2011 Designer, Y.A.S Engineering

  • Graphic design for various engineering and consultant applications
  • Telemetry systems design for field tests in the field of RF, Non-ionizing radiation, electronic engineering and electricity.

2010 Creative manager, Kineo Israel

  • Design, Developing and integration of E-learning solutions and knowledge base systems for Kineo and its clients
  • Animation and simulation productions for new media and interactive content creation
  • CRM, Moodle, Joomla, ERP and LMS solution design and productions
  • Developing tailor-made client specific libraries and applications using ToolBook, Articulate, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Flash.
  • Rapid E-learning prototyping development
  • Communications with content and product storyboarding experts

2001-2010 Designer, Treat Line

  • Graphic design for print, new media and interactive content
  • simulations of computerized flow dynamics in physically accurate projects
  • Design and integration of local and cloud solutions

1998-2001 Military service, Israeli Air Force