Project Designer and Planner
Mar 2011 - Mar 2017

solar study 55k system


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  • Designed Over 800 solar systems for home, municipality and utility scale installations in Israel
    • Article: Solar systems design 
    • Precise measuring of the area using modern D-GPS standardized equipment (Trimble DGPS Rover) or, if not available, creating a precise measuring ovservation
    • Converting the raw measured data into a computer aided design model (CAD) and into a human readable document
    • Collaborating with a team of experts, Engineers, Electricians and Architects to establish the project outline and constraints
    • Designing a single schematics for the team of Electricians, Engineers, Architects and field crews that has full information for all resources and project data required to build the system
    • Accompanying the system installation process, sometimes requiring a system changing decision in the field
    • Escorting the client thoughout the project before installation and analize system's yield for 5 years on a daily basis using a custom automated platform I have built myself
  • Project planning, roadmap and methodologies

    • Mapping all the project's sites into an organized visual and physical map that the whole team could participate in the projects steps
    • Google Spreadsheets and Google Apps Scripts database and interface for the team to always be updated with any project status update in realtime.
  • Accompanying Clients and Yield analysis
    • Working with the sales team and directly with the client aligning any technical specifications of the system or design considerations.
    • pre installation analysis of client's preferences
    • post installation yield analysis for a period of 5 years

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