This document outlines my recorded employment and education experience since 2001.
Links to my projects and certifications are added when publicly available. 

Employment Experience:

Greentops LTD. Israel
Project Designer
Mar 2011 - Mar 2017

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  • Designed Over 800 solar systems for home, municipality and utility scale installations in Israel
    • Article: Solar systems design 
    • Precise measuring of the area using modern D-GPS standardized equipment (Trimble DGPS Rover) or, if not available, creating a precise measuring ovservation
    • Converting the raw measured data into a computer aided design model (CAD) and into a human readable document
    • Collaborating with a team of experts, Engineers, Electricians and Architects to establish the project outline and constraints
    • Designing a single schematics for the team of Electricians, Engineers, Architects and field crews that has full information for all resources and project data required to build the system
    • Accompanying the system installation process, sometimes requiring a system changing decision in the field
    • Escorting the client thoughout the project before installation and analize system's yield for 5 years on a daily basis using a custom automated platform I have built myself
  • Project planning, roadmap and methodologies

    • Mapping all the project's sites into an organized visual and physical map that the whole team could participate in the projects steps
    • Google Spreadsheets and Google Apps Scripts database and interface for the team to always be updated with any project status update in realtime.
  • Accompanying Clients and Yield analysis
    • Working with the sales team and directly with the client aligning any technical specifications of the system or design considerations.
    • pre installation analysis of client's preferences
    • post installation yield analysis for a period of 5 years
    • Maintaining the company's website, Analytics,SEO and visuals

The following Data is Still under edit. full details can be viewed in my LinkedIn Profile in this link.

Greentops Energy Israel
Project Manager
Jun 2016 - Mar 2017

  • Automated procedures for design and monitoring of energy systems
  • Designing, programming and producing open source solutions for building automation and energy solutions
  • Recovery program for Greentops Energy division
  • Electronic team collaboration
  • Cloud platform focusing
  • 'Internet of things' solutions and integration of complex energy metering systems
  • Customer support for various technical intensive products and solutions
  • Sales and marketing managing
  • Fullstack Developer and Designer
  • Maintainig the company's and client's various web applications and sites, Analytics, SEO, Software development and SaaS product design

Y.S.S Engineering
Oct 2010 - Apr 2011

  • Graphic design for engineering and consultant applications. 

Kineo Israel
Creative Manager
Feb 2010 - Oct 2010

  • E-learning solution designer
  • Animation and interactive content creation

Holon Institute of Technology, Student Union
Head of PR
May 2006 - Dec 2016

  • Various publications and projects aimed to simplify the interaction of the Student union with the students
  • website and interaction design
  • simplifying print and new media content as part of cost/efficiency program

Holon Institute of Technology, Golomb52 Magazine
Oct 2004 - Jun 2005

  • Collaborated with various artists and content creators

Consumer service representative
May 2002 - Oct 2002

Graphic Manager
Feb 2001- Feb 2010

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  • Graphic design for print, new media and interactive content
  • Simulations of Computerized Flow Dynamics in physically accurate projects