Since 2001, Developing high-end products for various companies worldwide. The products range from print, new-media graphic design, interactive web applications and mobile apps, Building automation systems, energy optimization products and solar energy systems.

Having less time and a growing variety of siciplines, ranging from design’s infinite tools and technology advancements, creating a high-end architecture and conceptions that make the product a unique and remembered experience. I’m trying my best to implement what my favorite interactive designer once told me: The design my be ‘FUN‘: Functional, Usable and have just the right amount of Nonesense.

Digital productions

Efficiency solutions, simple & lean processes, tailor made solutions and services, project management, flexibility and expertise commitment, uncompromising quality assurance and non-disclosure of client details.

UI/UX & development

Various development platforms for animations and integrations that flow smoothly from a photoshop prototype to a living web application. from landing pages, through responsive mobile applications and internet portals.

System integration

Target focused open source solutions in the business intelligence area. CRMs, newsletters, monitoring utilities and efficiency tools.

Services and solutions

Additional editing, translations and research for technical and scientific oriented publishing, E-learning integrator and a Google Apps designer. Mission dedicated protocol and security balanced design for BacNet / ModBus / P2P / Tcom applications.

Contact me: zoharkarabelnik@gmail.com