3D printing

Prototypes, Artworks and functional products

  • Unique, personally designed 3D printer
  • Custom tailor made prints and solutions
  • Online shop and cgtrader freelance work

My unique 3D printer

In 2013 while Planning solar systems, electronics and energy data analytics, I’ve decided that every evening I’ll invest 20 minutes of my time to learn and bulid my own 3D printer. I learned about Arduino, Marlin Firmware, the servo motors, heating and sensors required and built my own device that was a bit crude at first but quickly I’ve adapted and printed my own parts for it. The machine is quite fast, is designed to use almost any spool measurement and type. Tested with 3mm or 1.75 diameters with equal results. also tested ninjaflex, recycled wood spool and I keep upgrading, optimizing, designing and printing mostly for household objects and prototypes for various clients.

CAD – Design services

3D printing is nothing less than amazing. The ability pro produce a precise and creative product, fabricating it on Your own desk is Star Trek material.

Fixing various parts at home no longer requires repeating visits to local stores for a specific part and designing toys and educational material, family entertainment and DIY projects,

“Feels like the future…”

But then there’s a lot of work involved in designing and preparing a 3D model. the CAD itself can be created in various platforms (I like using open source for my designs), then there’s choosing the right material and print properties that You like the final product to be fabricated from, analyzing the cost / benefit of each artifact, Perhaps it feels like the future but in the future I guess it will be easier to design for proper 3D and CNC milling.


CGtrader is a leading global community and 3D marketplace designed for speciality 3D designs, some are free to donwload, others have a symbolic price tag.

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