Bartov UX energy monitoring prototype

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Main Consumption and up to two most ‘spending’ consumers that have the highest potential to save energy:

(These gauges update automatically)

Details of other Bartov’s gauges:

Green: suitable for ambient or not active area consumption
Orange: when an area is active, it should show in this appropriate span of consumption
Red: High consumption for area

Energy conservation begins with insight.

Almost any energy metering systems display the data in graphs, a method that makes it hard for decision makers to evaluate the situation and easily understand if the current activity is normal or perhaps there’s deviation in the consumption that should be treated.

Bartov School has installed one of the worlds advanced systems of energy metering, that monitors the school’s solar system’s yield and traces most of the school’s energy consumers in seperate areas. This system has an open source interface and API that allows building dashboards and smart alerts, this allows different interfaces, different perspectives and gives decision makers special tailor made solutions that have proven themselves in the field.

This system is public (You can view the raw data here), that’s why I’ve chosen it to base a new algorithm that scans the data frequently, creates insights and produces gauges for the users that are more convenient for real time decisions. The raw data can still be analyzed by engineers and gain feedback on the system.

You can easily see that in the main consumption of Bartov there are 6 gauges that each has a green, orage and red span. the colors are based on each and every area past consumption and real time behaviour. it also updates the database if deviations happen. the system quickly “learnes” each area ambient, active and overloaded states
Also, the system analyzes areas that are not monitored in a seperate gray gauge.

Next to the main gauge are up to 2 gauges from areas where the potential to save energy in them is analyzed as the greatest, notice this is not just 1:1 kW usage, but as as an relevant alerting policy for each area, that way the relevant information is first to be noticed.

Energy Efiiciency

eGauge users: There is also an eGauge android app You might want to check

If Your organization requires specific dashboarding products for Your electricity monitoring systems, You are more than invited to contact me for a tailor-made solution.
I have already built more than 100 displaying solutions like this for building information and and energy metering applications. A little about egauge: A reliable cost effective field proven solution that has the ability to register up to 30 years of various electricity, building information and control data and serves as a agile logger and database that can be trusted. Integration of these systems save about 5% in their overall energy consumption. some systems with additional real time dashboards and alerting policies save more than 14%.
After this system was introduced to Bartov school, the after hours and holidays consumption has dropped more than 60%, which shows how public dashboards can make a difference in these areas. 

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