Engineering and Planning

From simple applications up to complex platforms

  • Over 800 solar systems designed
  • Over 250 energy metering systems commisioned
  • 4 Major building automation systems developed

Solar systems design

While working at Greentops I’ve designed and accompanied installations of more than 800 solar systems that were integrated to the power supply (grid-based). When designing a solar system, it is impossible to manually measure the rooftop with the precision required to produce a production value 3D model of the building. I have used a Trimble Rover for my designs. the process of measuring the roof and producing a complete model for the client has been reduced from almost 5 days into about 40 minutes. Here’s a video that shows the simplicity of the rover’s output data into CAD (in this case, Revit Architecture)

After a precise measurement and CAD transfer, There’s also the process of rendering, comparing the design to real-world sun directions and perspectives, following a CAD design of the elements required to build and produce the system.
When complete, the BIM Revit model produces all the material list required to actually build the system, all the electrical wiring and installer notes are written down in a short booklet that is used by the client and by the installers, a method that aligns all the team members in the project, from sales to installers and it is used even years after integration of the systems.

eGauge energy efficiency android app

Energy metering / Monitoring systems

Designing, Installing and monitoring 250 eGauge LLC systems for various municipal and utility scale clients in Israel, utilizing its open-source APIs and compatability with building automation systems I’ve come to the conclusion that the cleanest energy we can produce is the one we didn’t had to use in the first place. energy production and consumption can be dramatically effected with the right insights and clear data monitoring. I have designed some systems that have lowered overall consumption by 14.5% at municipality buildings, over 60% reduction of energy consumption during closed hours, using only the data provided (no automation system installed).

when enough data is gathered, a suitable building automation system can be accurately designed, lowering the consumption even further (in example the building automation system I’ve developed for Negev Ceramics HQ)

Building automation systems

Building automation systems

Building automation design, IT and Fullstack developer and designer, one of them is the most efficient building in the middle east. I’ve Installed top of the line open-source building automation and energy metering into a complex multidisciplinary platforms.

My project integrated measurement devices and creating compelling visual styles to allow scientists as well as non engineers to understand the system’s status and modes of operation.

Home automation

The structure of a building automation and information system:

Projects consists of energy metering devices integrating into a BMS system with various analog and digital sensors all together into a single database logger. for this I used the following:

  • EasyIO units to gather analog and digital data and to control building relays
    • Designed the system from electric diagrams up to the SOC
    • C and Sedona for programming the controller
    • Python for the SQL queries required in real-time
    • on the fly creation of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP for dashboarding
  • eGauge units for an accurate energy metering
    • REST API queries using NodeJs and PHP as required
    • integration of data into various apps
    • specific application development per client, in example android APK or local network service
  • Linux server that serve CRM / ERP / CMS that allow the client to tailor own configuarions for the platform

Example systems:

  • Porter school of environmental studies has opened it’s databases to the public in this link
  • because of building automation systems high profile and sensitive data, only public or specially authorized systems are shown here. I will keep this section updated as soon as more open standard systems are available.

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