an eGauge is a simple and elegant energy monitoring device, packed with robust capabilities. it's built in web server provides secure access to a building electrical measurements or any device connected to it.

This app uses the egauge XML-API to show real time voltages, frequencies and currents of the current system and also plots a graph for the users choice of register.
just enter the number of Your eGauge (usually 5 digits printed on Your device) and press "Start monitoring". the system should take about 10 seconds to load the first update and it will update every 10 seconds until close the app.

Available from Android 4.0.3 and up, Free in Google App store in this link

Use this app to:
- Monitor real time data from a register using Your mobile phone or tablet instead of accesing the webserver directly
- Discover energy consumption loads and "heavy users" to reduce Your electricity consumption.
- Stay up to date, at home or at the office

* This app is not affiliated with eGauge Systems LLC. Any use of the term "eGauge" is strictly informational. "eGauge" is copyright of eGauge Systems LLC.

New :
If You require different visualizations for a specific energy plan, You are more than welcome to contact me and create a custom solution for Your data. I've already designed more than 100 custom dashboards for various products.
* Free, some applications include ads. 
Most of the dashboards are for private customers, but some are free to observe.

Example for various metering solutions, Solar, Yield and consumption analytics that updated on realtime data:

Solar energy:

Main Consumption with up to 2 areas that have the greatest potential for energy saving:


(Data is updated every 15 seconds for Your convenience)

Consumers in this utility:

Green: Normal electricity usage when area is not in use
Orange: Normal electricity usage when area is active
Red: higher than usual electricity consumption

An effective energy efficiency plan begins with awareness. almost every energy metering systems display a graph style data. this method maybe good for engineers but most decision makers find it difficult to quickly understand the status of each area in the utility and if the current activity is normal or is it exceptional.

In the example above, Bartov School in Ra'annana has installed one of the worlds most advanced metering systems that also monitors the solar energy yield and tracks consumption in various departments around the school. this system has an advanced API interface that makes it possible to add custom dashboards, alerts and smart analytics accourding to activity and use.

this system is public (You can view the raw data here), this is why I've chosen it as a basis for an algorithm that scans the daily usage and produces insights for end users. these are much easier to understand than the mainly used graphs that only electricity experts analyze.

In these gauges You can clearly view the main consumption of the facility, next to it are the two most exceptional consumers and below it are all the areas. each gauge has 3 areas: green, orange and red accourding to their current status. the colors and areas are based on a simple AI that I'm building. it keeps "learning" the consumptions and keeps updating.

The first 2 gauges are the two most exceptional consumers, they are shown here in order that the most important data is shown first.


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